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Model Certification (CMMC v2.0)


In an ever-challenging environment of cyber-threats, C-HAC, All About The Data Compliance Solutions’ innovative software solutions for defense contractors, removes the guesswork of completing CMMC certification.

C-HAC is a CMMC and NIST-Based platform that gives you a complete solution to all your certification needs. C-HAC includes CMMC and NIST cybersecurity best practices to achieve a highly effective cyber hygiene posture across your organization. C-HAC is your one-stop solution to remove the complexities of gaining and maintaining your CMMC certification.

If you’re looking to optimize your business or organization’s cybersecurity solutions, then C-HAC and All About The Data are ready to help you. Contact us to get more information about our C-HAC software and be sure to request your demo today.

GUICE2 Cyber Data Landscape

A comprehensive collection of 80 source documents of NIST cybersecurity guidance and other authoritative sources that together define cyber hygiene best practices.

Perceived value proposition to consumers:

  • Improve and maintain your cyber hygiene
  • Reduce risk of cyber attack
  • Meet multiple mandates required to take down gov business

GUICE2 Viewer

A GUI To View And Intimately Know And Understand Requirements And Information From Authoritative Sources In The GUICE2 Cyber DL.

Perceived value proposition to consumers:

– Save money on consultants
– Know and understand details of 171 and CMMC programs
– Understand cyber hygiene families and domain
– Understand how to perform a 171, CMMC, or targeted assessment
– Know National Archive and Records Administration (NARA) Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) categories
– Know what Federal Contract information is
– Downloadable checklists guide your assessment efforts
– Understand CMMC’s Artifact Hashing Tool
– Know how to self-certify in DISA’s Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS)

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Top-Rated NIST Cybersecurity Software Solutions

Looking for the best cyber hygiene software solutions for your defense business or organization? Look no further than our C-HAC compliance software. Our C-HAC is a trusted resource for NIST cybersecurity as well as optimized cyber hygiene. All About The Data has years of experience providing comprehensive cybersecurity services to businesses and organizations in the defense industry. With our cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and expert team of professionals, you can rest assured that your company or organization will be compliant with all defense standards. Contact All About The Data Solutions to get more information about our C-HAC software and to request your demo with us today.

C-HAC Feature

Perceived Value Proposition to consumers:

Accomplish 171, CMMC, or Targeted Assessments with a minimum of resources and time

Sleep well knowing your assessments are accomplished with accurate, up to date, cyber hygiene best practices straight from the authoritative sources

Improve cyber hygiene and reduce the risk of attack

Meet mandatory 171 and CMMC requirements in gov contracts

Maintain your cybersecurity posture and protect sensitive data on your networks

With C-HAC

  • Perform 171, CMMC, or targeted cyber hygiene assessments depending on your organizations needs 
  • Assessment aids guide you through an assessment from start to finish
  • Additional assessment help provided from related references in the GUICE2 Cyber DL
  • Identify and mitigate gaps in your cybersecurity program
  • Collect and manage evidence of compliance all in one place
  • Provide links to sensitive company data stored elsewhere 
  • Make maximum use of assessment efforts by cloning (copy) previous work vs starting from scratch
  • Automatically produce required program specific reports to prove your compliance
  • Policies and procedures templates provided to institutionalize best practices across the organization.  
  • Maintain compliance with Cyber DL Change Alerts. 
  • Alert details provided to help bring your organization back into compliance. 
  • Dashboards provide awareness at organization, systems, and assessment levels
  • Keep track with comprehensive assessment status reporting
  • Get support and provide feedback at the click of a button
  • Download instructions provided on how to self-certify 171/CMMC compliance through Supplier Performance Risk System (SPRS) and how to use the CMMC Hashing Tool.


Note: SPRS is the authoritative source to retrieve supplier and product PI [performance information] assessments for the DoD acquisition community to use in identifying, assessing, and monitoring unclassified performance.

Dynamic and updated continuously

Accurate requirements from the Data Landscape drive the CMMC Console cyber readiness assessment process.

Provides detailed CMMC insights

Provides detailed CMMC insights of relationships between the firm’s policies and authoritative regulatory source documents in the Data Landscape.

Integrates seamlessly

The CMMC Console and Data Landscape integrate seamlessly, and the CMMC Console pulls in an up-to-date set of CMMC requirements each time it’s refreshed.

Additional C-HAC Features

Here are some of the features you can expect from our top-rated NIST-based cybersecurity software:

  • Easy to buy
    • Sold as a Cloud-base subscription 
  • Flexible solution
    • C-HAC is configurable to meet your assessment needs regardless of organizational size or complexity
  • Intuitive Design
    • Easy to navigate, takes less time to get up to speed
  • Provides critical network resources scoping aides for comprehensive assessments:

Note: The scoping focuses your assessment efforts and saves time

  • Downloadable scoping checklist
  • Network inventory and diagram templates provided

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