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GUICE² – The Ultimate Compliance Management Solution

GUICE², from All About the Data, is a compliance management software that helps organizations in any industry meet and maintain compliance requirements. Its cloud-based platform is scalable, user-friendly, and can be configured for any compliance needs, mitigating the challenges that many organizations face in ensuring and maintaining compliance.

GUICE²Viewer – Provides Seamless viewing of GUICE²  Data

The free version of GUICE²Viewer provides seamless viewing of Cyber Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) program information in a few clicks. GUICE²Viewer saves time to rapidly find the information you need. GUICE² data and GUICE²Viewer are customizable to provide rapid viewing of data for any industry or program. Get the free version of GUICE²Viewer today.

Scalable, Cloud-based & User-Friendly

Customizable to meet the Needs of Any Industry

Meet & Maintain Compliance Requirements

Overcome Universal Compliance Challenges

Addresses Constant Regulatory Change

Your One-Stop-Shop for Overcoming Compliance Challenges

GUICE² is designed to help organizations in any industry stay in compliance despite constant regulatory change. It helps you overcome the universal challenges of compliance by knowing what to comply with, proving compliance with authoritative sources, sustaining compliance amidst regulatory changes, and integrating compliance data into business systems.

Whether you’re monitoring and complying with law enforcement or cybersecurity regulations, GUICE² provides a one-stop solution that supports your compliance requirements and helps you avoid legal troubles. Plus, with the Cyber Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC), GUICE² is the perfect companion for achieving and sustaining compliance with DoD’s CMMC cybersecurity program. Don’t settle for less; experience the ease and efficiency of GUICE² today.

The Benefits of GUICE² Compliance Software

When you choose GUICE² as your compliance management software, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Scalable cloud-based platform that can be configured to fit any compliance needs
  • User-friendly, making it easier to view, meet and maintain compliance requirements
  • Helps organizations overcome the universal challenges of compliance
  • Enables you to easily know, prove, sustain, and operationalize your compliance data 
  • Supports compliance in any industry, including education, healthcare, financial, law enforcement, military, and defense
  • Designed to monitor and comply with CMMC regulations, and more
  • Can be paired with a cyber hygiene assessment console (C-HAC) that works seamlessly to offer CMMC program compliance
  • One-stop compliance support that eliminates the need for multiple software solutions
  • Helps organizations avoid legal troubles and possible fines

Pair GUICE² With C-HAC for CMMC Program Compliance

One of the most significant benefits of using GUICE² for your compliance needs is that it integrates effortlessly with the Cyber Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC). The seamless integration of GUICE² and C-HAC makes it the perfect solution for organizations looking to meet and sustain CMMC compliance. With C-HAC, your organization can run cyber hygiene assessments with empirical evidence. C-HAC ensures that your organization can benchmark your security posture against the DoD’s requirements correctly. Additionally, the CMMC compliance support provided by GUICE² gives your organization a competitive edge.

Get the Free Version of GUICE²Viewer

By using the free version of GUICE²Viewer, you will be provided with rapid access and seamless viewing of CMMC program and other cyber-security information. Whether you’re preparing for CMMC compliance or just want to clean up your cyber-hygiene, GUICE² data and GUICE²Viewer can help you address your compliance needs.

Don’t risk non-compliance — get started with the free version of GUICE²Viewer today.

Are You Ready to Upgrade GUICE²Viewer or Manage CMMC compliance with C-HAC?

If you have used the free version of GUICE²Viewer and are eager to better manage your CMMC or Cyber-Hygiene compliance .Reach out for more information on how you can get more done with GUICE², GUICE²Viewer, and C-HAC.

Take a proactive approach to your CMMC compliance today.
No more running your organization in compliance reaction mode; with C-HAC you can feel confident in your compliance and focus on generating income!