CMMC Compliance Has Never Been Easier

Cyber-Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC): The Trusted Application For CMMC Compliance

One App for All Your Cyber Maturity Model Certification (CMMC V2.0) Needs

C-HAC is a revolutionary cyber-hygiene application designed for DoD contractors to help ensure they get and stay CMMC compliant. C-HAC continually monitors for regulatory updates and provides alerts when anything changes. Central dashboards track compliance, auto-generate reports, identify compliance gaps, and allow you to confidently know and prove your compliance. Contact our team at AATD Compliance Solutions to request a demo of the Cyber-Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC)!


Would Your Company Pass a NIST 800-171/CMMC Compliance Audit from the DoD?

Be completely confident in your organization’s compliance with C-HAC. Check out the capabilities video below.

Dynamic and Updated Continuously

Accurate requirements from the GUICE² Data Landscape drive C-HAC cyber assessment processes.

Provides Detailed CMMC Insights

C-HAC detailed CMMC insights provide a head start in assessing each of 110 cyber-hygiene best practices.

Dynamic Integrated Solution

C-HAC dynamically pulls up-to-date CMMC requirements from the GUICE² Data Landscape each time it’s refreshed.

NIST-Based Framework With 24/7 Updates

When it comes to cyber-hygiene for DoD contractors, NIST sets the standard. That’s why C-HAC offers a NIST-based cyber-hygiene framework. C-HAC consistently applies the trusted NIST cyber-security framework to all CMMC compliance assessments and reports.

Intuitive & User-Friendly Design

Cyber-hygiene assessments don’t have to be complex and challenging. C-HAC is easy to use and navigate through the CMMC certification process, ultimately saving you time and money. If you’re looking for a flexible solution to meet your CMMC certification needs, request a demo of the Cyber-Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC) today!

Align Your New And Existing Cybersecurity Policies With CMMC Requirements and Help Identify Gaps Between Them.

C-HAC was key in helping our IT team on connecting the dots toward our CMMC status.  The live policy mapping provided the assurance we had visibility to everything needed to perform our evaluation.  C-HAC also made the connection between CMMC policy and NIST policies used in the implementation of our in place solutions.  

With the results we had from and in C-HAC, it provided confidence to all interested parties that we were well ahead of many other organizations, providing a competitive differentiator.

C-HAC was a cost effective way to get the answers we needed, the tool was easy and flexible for our internal resources to consume, with the subscription service we were able to stay updated on a policy changes as awaited full implementation of CMMC and requirements from the government to maturity level certify.

– Tim Hannon

Ensure Your CMMC Compliance Today With C-HAC

C-HAC from AATD Compliance Solutions is the perfect solution for DoD contractors looking to get and stay CMMC compliant.

User-friendly: Straightforward, intuitive design for ease of use. Checklists guide you through the complexity of the CMMC program.

Streamlined and efficient: Access to accurate, up-to-date CMMC and NIST data and semi-automated assessment processes reduce the time and effort to get certified.

Collect evidence and identify gaps: C-HAC provides a central location for the collection of evidence, and cyber-hygiene assessment aids guide you step-by-step through the identification of compliance gaps.

Clear status and reporting: Dashboards display certification status, gaps, and weaknesses. Automated, real-time reports document compliance and mitigation efforts.

Meet mandatory certifications required by government contracts: Ensure that, as a defense contractor, you’re meeting mandatory certifications.

Maintain certifications and reporting requirements for the life of the contract: Print reports from the C-HAC dashboard to prove your CMMC compliance.

The DoD is cracking down on mandatory compliance.

With C-HAC you can get ready and stay ready to prove your compliance. We take the complexity and guesswork out of compliance. Give your organization the competitive edge on contracts and never worry about missing any regulatory changes again. Contact us today to see how we can help you today.

With C-HAC

  • Centralized data store with over 80 NIST & relevant data sources act as your cyber-hygiene assessment guide
  • Consolidated, accurate, and up-to-date cyber-hygiene best practices drive your C-HAC assessment
  • Step-by-step guide to self-certify compliance in SPRS and use the CMMC Hashing Tool
  • Dashboards provide awareness status at Organization, Systems, and Assessment levels
  • Built-in alert of source data changes provided with help-aides to bring your organization back into compliance

Without C-HAC

  •  Hours of researching NIST guidance and other authoritative sources for cyber-hygiene best practices
  • Creating and maintaining multiple spreadsheets of NIST and authoritative data-points for your assessments
  • Uncertainty on how to self-certify or verify CMMC Compliance and fear of an audit
  • No comprehensive view of organizational cyber-hygiene risks and vulnerabilities
  • Lack of awareness of changes to NIST guidance and other authoritative sources impacting your organization