Military & Defense, Education, Healthcare, Financial, Law Enforcement

Are you using the best practices of cyber security 24/7?

Cybersecurity threats are on the rise and delivering damaging impacts to organizations like yours. All About The Data solutions help lower your risk and, in some cases, significantly lower your risk of cyber-attacks. Using the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) best practices, we offer cloud-based and a full-compliment of cyber security services that will help your business secure critical data and networks. Our cyber-hygiene software and services are based on the NIST cybersecurity framework, and more.

Military And Defense

With all the sensitive and mission centric information stored by these organizations, it is essential that defense agencies have robust cyber security measures in place 24/7. All About the Data solutions offers cloud-based software and complimentary services to help defense organizations implement mandated NIST best practices and controls. 


  • Protection against malware and phishing attacks
  • Securing mobile devices
  • Responding to cyber incidents


  • Reduced risk of attacks
  • Secure access data on the move
  • Effective recovery from cyber incidents


Educational institutions are also a target for cyber-attacks. In addition to the personal data of students and staff, educational institutions often have research data that is valuable to attackers. All About The Data solutions can help you secure your networks and comply with NIST best practices required as a condition of receiving federal funds.


  • Controlling access to data
  • Cyber-security training
  • Improving Cyber Hygiene 


  • Enhanced data security for students and staff
  • Minimize sensitive data leak to the Public
  • Ensure internal communication remains internal


Healthcare organizations are a prime target for cyberattacks. These organizations hold a wealth of sensitive health related information. All About the Data solutions can help you implement NIST security controls to avoid leaks of critical healthcare information and comply with HIPAA requirements.


  • Closing cyber vulnerabilities
  • Identifying cyber attacks
  • Controlling access


  • Avoid HIPAA breach
  • Respond to attacks when they occur
  • Mediate insider threat


Financial institutions are a prime target for cyber criminals. Attackers are looking to exploit customer personnel data and financial information. Your customers trust you to protect their data. Our cyber-security solutions and services help you to retain that trust. All About The Data solutions use NIST best practices to help secure your networks and data from criminal attackers.


  • Network traffic auditing 
  • Configuration management
  • Insider threat security


  • Timely breach Identification 
  • Sustained data security
  • Mitigation of insider threat

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement agencies must secure the chain of evidence from investigation through prosecution. All About The Data solutions can help you implement proven NIST best practices and security controls to keep your sensitive law enforcement data secure.


  • Delivering greater access control
  • Auditing and data analysis
  • Data backups and recovery


  • Sensitive case data kept secure from unauthorized entities
  • Secure the chain of custody
  • Limited data loss

Ensure Your Business’ Digital Security

No matter what industry you are in, it is important to take steps to protect your data from cyber-attacks. Today, protection of your sensitive information from criminals or wrongdoers exploiting people or entities is critical. Contact All About The Data Compliance Solutions today to learn more about our NIST based cyber security solutions and services. We’re ready to serve you!