Cyber-Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC)

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GUICE2 is a configurable Framework that can be adapted to enable Automated Compliance for an organization.

GUICE2 Features

Overcome universal compliance challenges, in any industry


Know compliance requirements and where to start…


Collect evidence and identify gaps in compliance…


Remediate compliance gaps across the organization…


Automatically produce reports documenting compliance…


Sustain compliance 24/7 amid daily regulatory change…

6 Ways our Cyber-Hygiene Assessment Console C-HAC can help your organization.

1. Use accurate compliance and best practice cybersecurity data source.

We understand the importance of using accurate cybersecurity data and best practices. That’s why our NIST based GUICE2 Cybersecurity Data Landscape (Cyber-DL) is used to deliver updated, accurate NIST based Cyber-Hygiene data. The Cyber-DL contains a collection of relevant NIST Cyber-Hygiene best practices and guidance from other sources. The Cyber-DL is never idle; it constantly feeds updated, accurate information into our Cyber-Hygiene Assessment Console (C-HAC). C-HAC is your interactive guide to performing assessments of your organization preparedness for cyberattacks.

2. Save time and effort; perform multiple, different assessments in a single platform.

We realize the challenge of navigating multiple NIST, CMMC and other cybersecurity documents and controls. That’s why we make it easy to get started by providing a guided interactive step-by-step journey through efficiently performing an 800-171, CMMC or tailored assessment targeted at your unique cybersecurity needs. C-HAC includes multiple program assessment guides and help-aids that provide answers to your questions directly from the original data sources in the Cyber-DL. C-HAC’s user guides and aids can reduce the need for high priced consultants.

3. Rapidly identify and report cybersecurity gaps.

Efficiently step through assessment controls and rapidly identify cybersecurity gaps. Three auto-generated reports document your gaps and risks. Documents include:

  • System Security Plan (SSP), your plan to address known/likely threats
  • Security Assessment Report (SAR), detailed results of your compliance assessment
  • Plan of Action (POA), plan to mitigate compliance gaps and risks.
4. Efficiently mitigate gaps and institutionalize good cyber-hygiene practices.

C-HAC help-aids guide you through mitigation of security gaps and certification of compliance once the gaps have been closed. We understand that effective policies and procedures are essential to institutionalize good Cyber-Hygiene practices across an organization.  That is why we include detailed policy and procedure development templates in C-HAC.  C-HAC makes it easy to write and align your policies and procedures to NIST and CMMC best practices.  Effective policies and procedures are imperative to get the whole organization on the same sheet of music and maintain good cyber-hygiene practices long term.

5. Maintain your security posture with C-HAC change alerts.

With the recent spike in ransomware-as-a-service attacks it’s more important than ever to keep your security posture up to date with the latest changes in NIST and industry best practices. C-HAC is constantly updated with the latest NIST, CMMC, and related source cybersecurity controls from the Cyber-DL.  When changes or updates occur that impact compliance, you’ll receive timely alerts within C-HAC.  The alert points you to the source of the change along with the impacted security control(s). You can use built-in help-aids to mitigate resulting gaps and bring you back into compliance.

6. Remove uncertainty in your Cyber-Hygiene with the confidence of NIST-based C-HAC.

C-HAC is designed to give you confidence. The confidence that you are accessing and using the best available Cyber-Hygiene practices to protect your data from internal and external cybersecurity threats.  C-HAC is affordable and highly scalable to meet your organization’s needs.  Call us today at (844) 255-2283, extension 1; and let’s discuss C-HAC’s value proposition to you.


With C-HAC

  • Centralized data store with 80_ NIST & relevant data sources acts as your cyber-hygiene assessment guide
  • Consolidated, accurate and up to date cyber-hygiene best practices drive your C-HAC assessment
  • Step-by-step guide to self-certify compliance in SPRS and how to use the CMMC Hashing Tool
  • Dashboards provide you awareness status at Organization & Systems levels
  • Built-in alert of source data changes provided with help-aides to bring your organization back into compliance

Without C-HAC

  • Hours of researching NIST guidance and other authoritative sources for cyber-hygiene best practices
  • Creating and maintaining multiple spreadsheets of NIST and authoritative data-points for your assessments
  • Uncertainty on how to ensure verifiable CMMC self-certification
  • No comprehensive view of organizational cyber risks and vulnerabilities
  • Lack of awareness of changes to NIST guidance and other authoritative sources impacting your organization

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